Adrienne Kirkey is often the featured guest artist on
"The Old-Time Country Radio Show" broadcast from Lynchburg Tennessee.
Tune in  to WLIJ 1580 AM at 10am on Saturdays

For more about the radio show visit the Website at:

WLIJ 1580 AM in Shelbyville, Tennessee, has a 5000 watt signal and
covers all or part of 30 counties in Middle Tennessee, reaching all the
way from North Alabama into South Central Kentucky.


In the works:

"Saints and Sinners"

A new CD by Adrienne Kirkey

Look for it soon!


Silence of This Moment

6.99 USA Price includes tax & shipping

music samples & notes


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music samples & notes


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Music samples and notes:


Adrienne wins the DAR State and National
songwriters' competition for a second year in a row
with her song You Never Told Me as recorded on
her "The Child In My Heart" CD.

Daughters of the American Revolution

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music samples & notes
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 Individual songs or complete CD's may also be downloaded from:
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