Eagle Canyon Music
Lebanon, Tennessee
615 547-0529

Specializing in recording acoustic groups,
instruments, and vocalists.



Vic Gabany


 David Kirkey
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Steve Thomas

Recording Equipment

Recorders, Mixers and Controllers

Sony DMX R100 digital automated console
Focusrite Safire Pro40 Firewire audio interface
Focusrite Octopre Mk2 dynamic preamps

Alesis HD24 24 track hard disk recorder
32 Track Digital (4 x ADAT)
Alesis Masterlink ML9600
Alesis BRC Digital Controller
Marantz PMD 500 Pro Dubbing Cassette Recorder


AKG C12VR(tube)
Brauner Valvet (tube)
AKG Solidtube
AKG 414 b-uls
AKG Cs1000
AKG 460b uls/ck51
Audio Technica 4033
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann U-87
Neumann KM-84
Neumann TLM 103



Senheiser 421 and 409
Shure SM 57 and D112
Electro-Voice RE 20

Ribbon Microphones:
Cascade Fatboy 2 w Lundal Xformer
Cascade Stereo X15 w Lundal Xformer
Cloudlifter Ribbon Microphone Preamps

Digital Editing  Systems

Lucid 6 Studio Clock Distribution
Dell Quad Core P7 digital editor Windows 7 64 bit
Focusrite Safire Pro40 Firewire audio interface
Focusrite Octopre Mk2 dynamic preamps
Cubase 6.5 abd 7 audio software suite
Pentium IV dual core digital editor, Windows XP
Pro Tools LE 7.1 48 Track Recorder/Editor
Lynx One digital stereo sound card
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge Pro 10
Sony Vegas Pro 12 multi-track editor

Yamaha NS 10 and NS 40 studio monitors
Mackie HR824 powered studio monitors,
KRK 9000b studio monitors
Furman HR-6 headphone system

Outboard  Processors

Line 6 Pod Processor
TC Electronics Finalizer Plus
TC Electronics M3000 Digital Reverb
TC Electronics M2000 Dig. Multi effects
Summit Audio DCL 200 Tube Compressor
Yamaha Rev. 500, 32 Bit Digital Reverb


Kurzweil Mark 12 digital piano
Roland XP 50 Synth, with Orchestra, World, Piano, 60ís/70ís and Studio Cards,
Roland R8 drum Machine,
SC 88 Pro Midi controller



photos of the new studio console

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