I've been involved in the support our military service personnel around the world since my high school days. Back then, I wrote to the soldiers fighting in the Viet Nam War. Through the years, I have been involved in many patriotic organizations. Most recently, I participated in the "Adopt A Marine" program, sending letters and care packages to MEU soldiers in the Middle East.

My song writing skills developed by telling stories of real life situations that centered around my family, friends and work. Over the years, I found myself writing songs about patriotic themes, as a way to communicate my pride in our United States. I write songs that tell the stories of brave people, the ones who go to war, and the ones who stay home. With the escalation of military activity in the news today, these songs hit home. It has been my honor to receive recognition for my patriotic songwriting from the Orange County board of supervisors, the California state senate, and the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Every morning, whether we turn on the TV or open the local newspaper, the visions of families separated by the conflict in Iraq lead the headlines. Each account includes a story of soldiers separated from loved ones around the world because of heightening tensions in the Middle East.

I wrote the song, "The Silence Of This Moment" (see accompanying statement) for a local Veterans Day ceremony in 2002, with the intent of remembering all American patriots, from the soldiers who served in the Revolutionary War, to the innocent men, women and children who perished on 11 September 01. This CD is a compilation of my patriotic songs covering situations our military, their families, and all patriotic Americans have had to deal with over the years. We hope these songs will bring peace and solace to people who listen to them.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to share these songs and stories with you. There is a need for songs such as these, particularly when there are so many outspoken anti-war activists. While it is their right to demonstrate against war, it is also our right to demonstrate our support and appreciation for our military and civilian patriots. Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we can answer any questions you may have about my music and songs. Additional copies of the CD and lyrics are available upon request.

Sincerely yours,
Adrienne Kirkey

Two weeks after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D.C., the City of Irvine invited Adrienne to sing patriotic song selections at a city council meeting, which was broadcast over local cable television. One professional in the music industry called Adrienne personally and said, "There is healing in your songs. Get your music out there, because it will help heal people."

In 2002 her song "You Never Told Me" placed first in the National American Heritage Music competition at the national and state levels. This time, Adrienne had penned a song after her father gave her a picture of him in WWII in 1944. Adrienne explains:

The song tells the story. I have a photo of my Dad during World War II, standing on a muddy road in bombed out Aachen, Germany. Knowing he was one of millions involved in those events that changed the world is part of my heritage. Seeing pictures from that time of his life make it much more personal.

In May of 2002, the California State Senate presented Adrienne with a declaration of accomplishment. This honor recognized Adrienne's continued dedication to patriotism and service through her music.

For 2003, Adrienne's song, "The Silence of This Moment" pays tribute to the patriots, civilian and military, in through the relinquishment of their very life force.

Silence of This Moment is a humble attempt to pay reverent tribute to the men, women, children, soldiers, civilians, fellow Americans, foreign allies, and diplomats who have all strengthened the principles they believed in, through the relinquishment of their very life force.  Nothing ever written or sung will come close to doing them justice. As a patriot, it was my duty to give justice to them with my best efforts,

Patriots are not always defined by formal military service or dress. Patriots stay home and raise children, teaching them to appreciate the sacrifices made to secure their continued freedom. Patriots build the airplanes flown to drop medicine and food in a war-ravaged country. Patriots pray for guidance for their country's leaders. Patriots hold in common the principles of integrity, decency, human rights, kindness and democracy. Patriots die on windswept fields, sun drenched beaches, in stately buildings targeted because they represent the wealth and success of a nation, or the center of military strategic planning. Patriots bury these precious dead, go on with their lives, and gently remember loved ones whose years have been cut short, simply because of where they were, when hatred struck its malignant blows.

Sally Ann

Adrienne Kirkey, vocal
Kenny Lynerd, harmony vocals
Jim McCarty, drums-percussion
Greg Leiz:, dobro
Travis Parker, guitar, fiddle
Chad Watson, fretless bass
Rob Rinderer keyboards
Mixed by Dave Kirkey and Martin Brenner

You Never Told Me

Adrienne Kirkey, vocal, guitar
Travis Parker fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, keyboard
Jim McCarty,drums-percussion
Jack Doerr, clarinet
Chad Watson bass, fretless bass
Kenny Lee Benson, accordion
Mixed by Dave Kirkey and Martin Brenner

Flanders Fields 

Adrienne Kirkey vocal, guitar
Jim McCarty, drums, percussion
Travis Parker fiddle, acoustic guitar
Chad Watson bass, fretless bass
Mixed by Dave Kirkey and Martin Brenner

The Silence of This Moment

Adrienne Kirkey, Vocal, keyboard, synthesizer
Vern Monnett, guitar, pedal steel guitar
Jim McCarty, drums, percussion
Dave Batti electric bass guitar
Mixed by Dave Kirkey and Jim McCarty


Adrienne Kirkey lead & harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Aldo Fucinari bass guitar
Greg Mirken , dobro, concertina
Jim McCarty, drums, percussion

Lyrics to all songs

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Silence of the Moment
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About The Music

In 1999 Adrienne wrote "Flanders Fields." When asked about the inspiration for this song, she comments,

In the Orange County civic center are several memorials honoring the bravery, sacrifice and service of county men and women in law enforcement, fire fighting and the military. One of these plaques honors World War I servicemen and women. I was walking along "the mall" as it was called, and saw this plaque, with its simple inscription. As I read the lines, "In Flanders fields the poppies grow, between the crosses, row by row" I felt the tune and words that developed into this tribute to World War I patriots.

In 2001 Adrienne wrote the song "Sally Ann" and won First Place in the National American Heritage Music Songwriting Competition (sponsored by the NSDAR) at both the national and state (California) levels. As news stories continue to focus on deployment of U.S. soldiers and support staff to the middle east, "Sally Ann" is seen in every brave, smiling face waving to a loved one boarding a ship or plane. "Sally Ann" plays over and over again in the minds of those left back home. As Adrienne writes:

"Sally Ann" is a poignant tribute to the faithfulness of a young wife and mother as she prays hopefully for the safe return of the soldier she loves. Sally Ann represents women throughout history who have embodied patriotism and courage as they lovingly raise their children, patiently wait for war to end, and loved ones to return home.

In May of 2001, the Orange County Board of Supervisors honored Adrienne with a plaque of recognition for her patriotic and volunteer activities, as well as her excellence in music. The Orange County Sheriff, Michael Carona, also acknowledged Adrienne's accomplishments with a certificate of recognition.


You Never Told Me

The song tells the story. I have a photo of my Dad during World War II, standing on a muddy road in bombed out Aachen, Germany.

Knowing he was one of millions involved in those events changing the world, is part of my heritage.

Seeing pictures from that time of his life makes it so much more personal.


First Place:
Year 2000 NSDAR National American Heritage Songwriting Competition
First Place:
California State Competition with Sally Ann
Adrienne receives local recognition


Lt. Col. James Cockrum, U.S. Air Force

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