The Child In My Heart

The Lighthouse  MP3  stream
Lighthouses have always provided reassurance and direction. Even those of us who have never traveled the sea can relate to the security afforded by the beacon of a lighthouse that is constant and rooted in place.

The Child In My Heart  MP3 stream
Each one of us has a small voice that knows the best of all things for us. Sometimes, in the challenges of life, we ignore that voice, or doubt its value. When we do listen, things always work out.

Flanders Fields  MP3  stream 
In the county civic center are several memorials honoring the bravery, sacrifice and service of county men and women in law enforcement, fire fighting and the military. One of these plaques honors World War I servicemen and women. I was walking along "the mall" as it was called, and saw this plaque, with its simple inscription. As I read the lines, "In Flanders fields the poppies grow, between the crosses, row by row" I felt the tune and words that developed into this tribute to World War I patriots.

Lock-keeper  MP3   stream
(Stan Rogers)
This has become one of my favorite Stan Rogers songs, filled with richness and texture. Stan tells a story of two men conversing about their completely different lifestyles. While the world traveler chides the lock-keeper for wasting his life, the lock-keeper smiles, contented with his wife and new baby boy.

The Wedding Waltz  MP3   stream
When my nephew married his true love, I wanted to give them something special. So I wrote this little song to share with them my perspective on life events and the blessings we find in relationships, especially marriage.

MP3 Sally Ann  stream
A poignant tribute to the faithfulness of a young wife and mother as she prays hopefully for the safe return of the soldier she loves. Sally Ann represents women throughout history who have embodied patriotism and courage as they lovingly raise their children & patiently wait for war to end, and loved ones to return home.

MP3 It's Too Late  stream
Everyone knows someone who was a skunk to you then disappeared. This song is about that person, a chance meeting, and the question, "I wonder if he got what he deserved?"

Healing Hands MP3   stream
(Steve Gillette/Rex Benson) 
Steve Gillette has a way of writing songs that speak my mind completely. This song, about trust, faith and healing, is particularly special, because it talks about grandparents. I was privileged to know all four of my grandparents for a number of years. Steve's line, "they taught me where there was love, there was always a way" sums up my grandparents. They were as close to unconditional love as we'll ever find on this earth, and Steve captured that. I'm glad he likes the way I sing it.

Find Your Way Home  MP3   stream
Many of us live with feelings of isolation, even in large, crowded cities, schools, or businesses. But we are never alone. All we need do is reach out and there will always be a hand waiting to help us through our troubles, no matter how dark they seem.

Lies MP3   stream
(Stan Rogers)
Another of my favorite Stan Rogers tunes. Every time I sing this, I wonder how Stan got into the head of this woman and captured her train of thought so completely. Because, to move beyond the despair of growing older, raising a houseful of children, and living in isolation, she has to have that warmth inside, that confidence that she is special, that she will always be special, to the man she loves so much.

The Reason We Hope  MP3   stream
As a Christian, I know human beings need a relationship with God to give life meaning. God's promise, through the gift of Jesus Christ, is hope and assurance that all things work for good, even in the midst of the worst times.

You Never Told Me  MP3   stream
I have a photo of my Dad during World War II, standing on a muddy road in bombed out Aachen, Germany. Knowing he was one of millions involved in those events that changed the world is part of my heritage. Seeing pictures from that time of his life makes it much more personal.

Danny Boy  MP3   stream
This traditional song has always been a favorite during live performances. The words of a father to his son, as the son goes off to war, fit well with the patriotic and spiritual theme of this project.

Adrienne Kirkey
vocal, guitar
Travis Parker fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, keyboard
Jim McCarty drums-percussion
Steve Gillette guitar, (Healing Hands)
Greg Leisz
dobro, pedal steel guitar
Jay Dee Maness
pedal steel guitar
Chad Watson
bass, fretless bass, electric guitar
Colin Cameron
Roy Carlson
fretless bass
Vern Monnett
guitar, pedal steel guitar
Rob Rinderer
Kenny Lee Benson
Jack Doerr
Kenny Lynerd
harmony vocal
Sheldon Disrude
vocal coach

Recorded at Eagle Canyon Music
Produced by Dave Kirkey & Travis Parker
Executive Producer, Dave Kirkey, Eagle Canyon Music
Mixing Engineer, Martin Brenner
Mastering, Bob Katz,
Digital Domain Orlando Florida

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