Colors of Survival

One Last Good-bye    MP3   stream
A first love dies an anguished death. Nothing hurts quite like the realization that it is over, gone, and never coming back.

Hector   MP3   stream
Parents bring their children to the health department every day, where I work as a Public Health Nurse. I see the work of "taggers everywhere, and hear about drive-by shootings.. As I think about the violence in so many lives, I remember all the men and women who have fought in wars to keep Americans free, some giving their lives in the effort. To see young people killing each other over "turf," is heartbreaking. Hector has dreams of a better life.

Her Time Is Her Own  MP3   stream
When we reach a place in our lives that is comfortable, or safe, time tends to go on without us. Sometimes we put off doing things that would help us grow. Sometimes, we just get tired.

One of Those Faces MP3   stream
People mistake identities all the time, sometimes with humorous results. This story is about one such encounter.

Peter' Dream  MP3   stream
Many fathers start businesses, hoping to pass on to their sons a source of security and pride. This is the story of one man, and the two sons who did not share his dream. They went on to forge their own bright careers. Their Father is proud.

Colors of Survival   MP3   
This song was started after the earthquake in Kobe, Japan, and finished after the bombing in Oklahoma. The resilience of people, coupled with the regeneration of nature, are continual sources of amazement to me. They reinforce my faith, and remind me that all things are part of a plan, even if we do not see the grand design.

Ouija Board  MP3   stream
Child abuse has gone on since long before it became a cause for public outcry. Children have coped, some better than others. Some grow up to be keepers of secrets they do not know they possess. Unless, or until, something reminds them.

Believing the Lie  MP3   stream
Anyone who has dealt with an unfaithful lover, a "chemically challenged" friend or family member, or a teenager, will appreciate this song. Lies destroy relationships.

Union Promises   MP3   stream
When the County of Orange went bankrupt, the union made a lot of noise about how it was going to protect members. It sent letters to those who are not members, predicting "your job may be in jeopardy." and urging membership to ensure job security. I never did join... and I still have my job. So this captures how I feel about unions.

Obsessions   MP3   stream
There are people in the world who make an impression on us, even when we would like to forget them. Once in awhile, we find ourselves musing on their fate; & we hover between wondering if they got what they deserved, and hoping they didn't.

Tell the Story  MP3   stream
The week before Christmas, only three people showed up for choir practice - the minister, the mandolin player, and me. I had started this song, and shared it with them. That night, we finished it. A minister comes in handy for details, like, the shepherds left their flocks, they did not bring the sheep with them. The whole event was unusual; people did and saw extraordinary things that night. Our mandolin player had a way with questions and rhymes, which helped build on the theme of a child asking for more details about the little baby boy and his mother. A fitting lullaby for Christmas.

To Protect and Serve  MP3    stream
Although I never met this man, I attended his funeral because his wife is a colleague of mine. People stood in the back, because the seats in the huge church were filled. A platoon of "motors" (motorcycle police) accompanied the family car. People spoke about a beloved colleague, devoted father and husband, valued friend. I wrote this in his memory, and for all public safety professionals who risk their lives to keep order in a chaotic world.

Amazing Grace MP3   stream
This testimony to God's love and salvation closes all of my programs. These are gifts of grace: to sing, write songs, share them with people, have people say that my words and music touch them. I am blessed to be able to share these gifts.

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