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Ageless Dancer 

Rain forest  

Candle Song  




From opposite ends of the world,
Belamore found their common ground quickly when they sat down and played the piano together.

Music truly is the universal language. Belamore found that although one was born in Russia and the other in the United States, they shared a legacy of classical music as well as the compositions of many wonderful contemporary writers and performers.

Here is a culmination of years of recording and concert performances throughout the world. Both as solo performers as well as appearances on stage with many well known musical stars, their individual careers led them to Belamore.

They have brought together the best of their years of training and performance. Together they present those combined talents supported by a breathtaking stage production of glitter and light.

Although appearing as classic instruments, the white grand pianos that Belamore play are actually Kurzweil Mark 152 digital grand pianos.

These versatile pianos make it possible for this duo to play with an almost endless selection of instrument sounds. Belamore can sound like a string quartet or a jazz combo, a symphony orchestra or a rock band. From the ocean sounds of the Titanic to a chorus of trumpets, they can let their musical imaginations soar.

Having so many musical sounds at their fingertips, Belamore enjoys offering listeners a veritable smorgasbord of classical, pop, Christian, theater, motion picture, nostalgia and original music.

With the exception of supporting musicians and vocalists, all of the sounds that you hear are played live by Belamore using only the two digital grand pianos.

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