Travis was a young man who was as talented, and as kind, as anyone we have ever known.  He leaves behind his two year old daughter Tricia Rose Parker, his parents Mac and Nora, and sister Jamie.

Tricia Rose Parker Benevolent Fund
Chase Bank

All donations go into a fund for Travis's two year-old daughter, to be administered when she reaches age twenty one.  No one else can touch it. Donations can be sent to Tricia's grandfather at the address below.

Send your cards, condolences
and any remembrances to:

Mac Parker
235 NE Spring View Dr.
Myrtle Creek, OR. 97457


Friends and fans:

Thanks to all who have enjoyed and supported the Travis Parker Band these last years.

The enthusiastic response from everyone attending their shows and purchasing CD's, was a great joy to him.

Please feel free to jot down any memories and send them (along with any photos or other memorabilia) to Tricia Rose.

Tricia Rose Parker
C/O Mac Parker
235 NE Spring View Dr.
Myrtle Creek, OR. 97457

This way she can learn about her father's life and legacy, once she has grown old enough to understand it all.

Update - In 2012 Travis's mother Nora passed away.  His father Mac continues to administer the benevolent trust for Tricia Rose (who is now ten years old!) from his new home in Oregon.



In loving memory of our friend,
Travis Roy Parker


Our dear friend virtuoso fiddle player/songwriter, Travis Parker died Monday August 2, 2004. The result of a shooting as leaving The Music Store in Orange County where he gave music lessons.

"There is an arrest, and with bail set at two million dollars.  Investigators are treating this death as a homicide."

Written eight years ago, it seems like just yesterday...  Ultimately, the man arrested for Travis's murder was tried and convicted, sentenced to life in a California prison without possibility of parole.

We have faith in the Maker's plan. Even when at times it all seems beyond comprehension. Our hearts go out to Travis's family.

God bless Travis and peace be on his immortal soul. All who knew him
will deeply miss him.

-Adrienne and David



Travis's Music


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